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We help many organizations migrate significant workloads to the cloud. These companies benefited from substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. Migrations to Cloud include moving any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud. We are working with many organizations to migrate workloads such as applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, or entire data centers. Based on our years of experience, we’ve built a complete and proven approach for migrating workloads to AWS, so that you can gain business benefits faster.

With automation and data-driven guidance, AWS simplifies each step of the migration process, reducing the effort and complexity involved. This helps accelerate your migrations by reducing the time to realize the value of your cloud migration.

Based on our years of migration experience, we developed the methodology, best practices, tools, and services to help simplify and accelerate migrations.


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