Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services provides skilled resources that augment in-house functionalities and IT infrastructure to be managed in collaboration with a third-party managed service provider (MSP) via cloud platforms. The services available in the Cloud Managed Services market include the managed network operations, managed security operations, managed cloud, IT life cycle management and managed mobility and applications. Cloud Managed Services enable organizations to augment competences that they lack or to replace functions or processes that incurred huge recurring costs. These services optimize recurring in-house IT costs, transform IT systems and automate business processes allowing Cloud Managed Services customers to achieve their business objectives.

STRATEGY AND DESIGN: Our consultants will help you develop your cloud strategy and develop a detailed design of the infrastructure you will need for your applications on the cloud.

BUILD AND RUN: We will build your cloud infrastructure based on the design we created, and we will migrate all the applications and data you require to the cloud. Our consultants will monitor and run the cloud infrastructure, responding to all events and resolving issues quickly.

GOVERNANCE AND CONTROL: Cloudvative will work with you to create a suitable governance plan for your cloud infrastructure. We will optimize your cloud infrastructure for cost and performance.

CONTINUOUS REFINEMENT: The support services we provide as a managed service provider enable us to recommend refinements to your workflows and processes to make them more efficient.


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